My Online Identity and My Social Media ‘Addiction’

I have always been one that isn’t afraid to put themselves out there online, I always viewed my use of social media like an open diary. For example, I used to post frequently on Instagram thinking that I’d look back at it like one would with a diary, reminisce on moments. Then I got a bit obsessive and it kind of lost it’s appeal and I think my followers were getting sick of seeing pictures of my dog. So I use Snapchat as my ‘day in the life’ instead because it’s more relevant to that type of platform. I’m on all major platforms; Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat, and quite frequently too. But the thing is (my mind is just rambling on here) I’m aware of the power it has over me, and I feel that I can disconnect if need be, but I just enjoy the escapism and my nosey need to know what others are doing. I try and continue to have a positive outlook on social media cause i’m sick and tired of adults (parents, etc.) constantly draining such an amazing thing. My mum has this saying “everything in moderation” and maybe that should apply to one’s use of social media, but honestly there is so much happening on these platforms that I don’t want to stay away. I love being able to break stories to my parents before the news or radio have enough time to broadcast it, I have the accessibility to find out so much so easily that why can’t I be on it all the time? But once again, I know that’s the whole addiction of social media, the never ending news cycle, constant flow of stories, opinions, content from anyone and everyone. I’m aware of it’s power over me but I don’t care to be honest, the positives outweigh the negatives in my opinion.

But relating this to ALC203, I already had a Twitter account. Actually I started using Twitter in March ’09, when I was in Year 7 because it was a way I could interact with celebrities I would obsess over (which is still one of my fave aspects to it today). But through this interaction I met fellow fans, we would do meet ups before concerts or events and keep in touch through twitter. Our networking is somewhat different from what’s being taught in class. But there is some similarities which I found amusing. There is constant communication amongst fandoms, and through this you meet more fans, basically friends of friends. I have met people either at concerts or online, through twitter and we have all met up when we fly across the country going to shows and events. Twitter is a way in which we can all keep up with each others lives and have massive group discussions. I now have friends all over the country, Sydney, Tasmania, Adelaide, Brisbane and it’s our use of Twitter that has helped us stay connected. The use of a hashtag has allowed me get into heated debates with strangers online about topics/issues i’m passionate about and has also helped me broaden my opinion and views on world events. Especially this year with the numerous movements happening in America, I never knew how passionate I could get over something happening in another country. The use of Twitter has allowed me to be more educated in these matters, so it’s not just for social connection with people but also educational.

When it came to ALC203 and creating a twitter account for assignments, I thought i could get away with using my ‘personal’ account until I realised what that entailed. It was this moment I realised how ‘out-there’ I am on Twitter, I just tweet what ever is on my mind, and so too the people I follow, it’s kind of the way we use the platform. It’s a means of expressing our thoughts and opinions, and not really creating a professional image but more of a brutally honest image of who we are. Therefore, I realised I needed to make a new accountΒ (GUYS I DID THAT LINK THING, YOU CAN CLICK THAT AND GO TO MY TWITTER ACCOUNT) for this assignment, one in which I can somewhat still sound like myself but not as honest as I am on the other account. If I wanted to network professionally, I needed to act maturely and actually take time to think about what I’m going to tweet. It’s basically 3 weeks into this class and I’ve already had weird realisation’s about how I act on social media. That by taking it ‘serious’ and taking into account my future, job searching and networking I must display an image of myself that is appropriate for employers to look at and for fellow students and tutors to communicate with. The use of the class hashtag has also displayed how I should be acting on this new account, and ways in which I should interact with others which so far has been a great learning method. I see the importance of this, not only for the assignment but what I’m learning from it and how I will carry on with it in the future, especially if i want a job that would involve social media.

This blog aspect seems interesting but after doing the readings on topics I can already picture what posts I can make. Maybe bring my own personal experience into play and also take a positive spin on topics that are always discussed negatively (It’s a thing I like to do, where I open people’s eyes to another way at looking at something). Anyway if you made this far congratulations, I don’t know if this is lengthy or not but for a first post it’s basically a trial right? I’m learning, give it like 5 posts and I might use better grammar and have better things to say? I don’t know how to end this….usually with a Youtube video I’d tell the viewer to give it a like or comment below but HOW DO YOU END A BLOG POST!? Consider this my outro.


6 thoughts on “My Online Identity and My Social Media ‘Addiction’

  1. Well done Jackie. Your voice is distinct in your writing style and that is not a bad thing. Its great to see you reflect on your past and to the present. It would be great to get some digital media in here like some photos (hopefully of your dog) or videos or a Slideshare or a mind map of sorts but that is something that you can always experiment with towards the A1. Good job on the hyperlink as well πŸ™‚ I can confirm it works perfectly. Look forward to reading more by you.

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  2. Great stuff here Jackie – I second Dylan’s comments here! Btw, I watched a bit of your YouTube and was very impressed! I actually like the fact you’re thinking of how to appeal to / engage a reader here – your outro is good, though maybe a snappier intro? Technically, your first sentence should be two grammatically speaking and keep up the proofreading (e.g. ‘what ever’). Very picky, but the great thing is you come across as someone open to feedback and learning – keep it up! πŸ™‚


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