What do you think about the cameras that surround us? Do you think about them?

In our day and age the cameras that are constantly around us can be immense but i view them as a security blanket. The main purpose of CCTV cameras is for either for protection. Even though it might be overwhelming, the realisation that cameras are everywhere, I don’t really mind it. I believe that if i’m not doing anything illegal then why should I be afraid? In some circumstances they might not actually prevent crime but I think it’s better to have it than to not. It gives a picture of a crime scene, of what happened rather than just using an eye-witness’ testimony. It’s evidence that the crime took place, how it might have happened and is usually used as a starting point when trying to catch the criminal/s.

Obviously those that either implement the camera or view the footage can exploit it’s use. It reminds me of Snowden, I watched the movie recently and this question has got me thinking about it. I highly recommend you watch it if you haven’t! It sort of ties in with our studies and it’s based on a true story, you might remember it on the news a few years back. Snowden It’s about Snowden, who works for NSA, who leaked classified documents about how the NSA were illegally spying on the public. They were able to retrieve footage from a person’s webcam, listen in on phone calls etc. It shows that authorised people can breach their roles by breaching the public’s privacy. It was meant for a way to catch criminals and terrorists but like anything there is always those that take advantage of power. So I feel if it’s being used for the right reasons, cameras can surround me and watch everything I do….when i’m out in public. The privacy aspect is just common sense, obviously no one wants to be watched in the privacy of their own home but while out in public, the idea of cameras being everywhere is fine for me.

(CC BY 2.0)

We should be discussing the quality of CCTV cameras. I’ve noticed with all the crime stopper ads the footage of a crime and the prime suspect is never clear. It’s 2017 how the heck aren’t CCTV cameras shooting in something like 4K now, I want to be able to see every little detail sharply. It’s great that the cameras are everywhere, caltex-agg-rob-01you get every point of view of a crime but frustrating it must be that the quality is terrible, to the point when you can’t even tell what colour eyes the suspect has. We get the fact that the cameras are everywhere, watching our every move but how about now actually making the standard of footage be clearer and sharper to assist further in preventing crime and catching criminals.
(CC BY 2.0)

**If you can explain to me why the quality is so poor please feel free to comment below! Or if you want to discuss any of my points of view we can talk about that too!


2 thoughts on “What do you think about the cameras that surround us? Do you think about them?

  1. Hi Jackie! I really enjoy reading your post, especially with the Snowden film as your example. It easier for me to relate to your topic with the help of the example. I personally believe that sometimes authorized people can trespassing people’s privacy because they have the power to control public’s CCTV. So, I feel like authorized people should make a clear SOP (standard operating procedure) so that they didn’t have the authority to trespassing people’s privacy.

    I think it will be better if you use scholarly article or journal to be your strong evidence 🙂 and don’t forget the reference 😉 Thank you~~


  2. I noted that your topic effectively engaged your audience’s interests when you ask them on their thoughts of on cameras. Your integration of crime and Oliver Stone’s Snowden film is well casted. I actually watched the movie and it explicitly relates to the contextual approach dramatization of the contemporary crime issue. In my opinion I felt like we needed to add a few secondary researches to it, in addition to alluding to the movie. You can check out James Byrne and Gary Marx’s research on technological information and prevention of crime in the 21st century. Their research sheds light on the effectiveness of such technological usage on crime prevention. Check (https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/6a8e/70c3b9bd1dc6c53f920da0b323a780fc2da2.pdf)

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